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AskATeddy, LLC--Teddy Bears as Tools for Play Therapy and Training Family Therapists for Depression Assessment Beyond Mapping and Other Approaches in the Clinical System

Are you an experienced counselor who may, from time to time, need assistance in drawing out a client out of his or her shell as part of a talk therapy system? Do you need other clinical tools to help you in the mapping out the medical history of a family, especially when it comes to depression assessment

This is where the Teddy Bear Technique comes in. While it is not intended as a substitute for traditional clinical tools and methods such as mapping, this kind of play therapy is ideal for schools, mental health centers, hospitals, and more. Developed by Tammy Stoner, LSCW, this is one of the best solutions available once you’ve exhausted all assessment options in the current clinical system.

As its name suggests, this technique makes use of a set of teddy bears called the MeBear Family, which are used as tools to help clients cope with depression, anger, grief, and more. This evidence-based play therapy is suitable not just for kids of different genders or racial and social backgrounds, but also for adolescents and adults. The Teddy Bear Technique also employs hypnotherapy to obtain these results.

Learn this technique starting with scheduling a training session with Ms. Stoner herself, who is willing to guide groups of health education and welfare providers in every step of the way. These training sessions include a live demonstration of the Teddy Bear Technique to gather information on family history on an individual. For those who cannot attend a training session due to time or budgetary constraints, a Teddy Bear Technique Toolkit is also available for self-study.

As a licensed professional, Ms. Stoner also accepts appointments from individual clients seeking therapy, especially those who need hypnosis.

With these offered by Ms. Stoner through her Teddy Bear Technique and other independent services, the choice is clear. If you are an experienced counselor that have been failed by traditional assessment and treatment methods in the medical system for depression such as mapping, try this brand of play therapy. The Teddy Bear Technique may just be the breakthrough you’re looking for.

"How to Assess and Intervene
Fast With Your Clients"

Experience the experience! Play and
Family Therapy with Adults and Children.

Dear Treatment Provider, 

Congratulations on reaching this website and being open minded and progressive enough to learn new ways to substantially improve your ability to gather information extraordinarily fast from adults and children using teddy bears.  

My name is Tammy Stoner and for over 20 years I have been a licensed clinical social worker and a trained family therapist. I have provided training and education to over 5000 treatment providers on a variety of mental health subjects ranging from grief and loss, suicide prevention, and trauma, to working with blended families in areas of adoption and foster care. I have been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and in multiple newspapers and professional trade journals. 

"The Teddy Bear
Technique Toolkit®"

uses the power of play, and family therapy, to assess and intervene with adults and children extraordinarily fast, and achieve breakthrough results, in record time.

The Teddy Bear Technique Toolkit® features a delightful model of 12 teddy bears, named the MeBear Family, organized by gender and generation, a190 page evidenced based manual, and a coaching session with the founder.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I invite you to experience the MeBear Family, just as I have done with over 1000 adults and children. When you try out the Teddy Bear Technique® Toolkit, you will be astounded at the results you achieve and how fast you get them with your clients.

This model is highly effective in community mental health centers, family therapy sessions, individual and group counseling. Schools, domestic violence services and hospitals will find it beneficial. Any health education and welfare service provider can benefit from the results. Whether you work for yourself, or an agency or group setting, I invite you to try the experience. Your clients will thank you.

Cost $347.00

Not For Tots: Top 10 Teddy Bear Techniques To Treat Grief and Loss

In this book, you will learn how to apply a self help tool using teddy bears to treat grief and loss. You will learn how you can use teddy bears to treat anger, depression, and cope with the loss of a loved one. You will be given 10 activities that you can apply in the privacy of your own home to cope with loss. Whether you are child, or adult, the Not For Tots: Top 10 Teddy Bear Techniques To Treat Grief and Loss, can be applied to heal following the death of a loved one. Does not include teddy bears

Cost $24.95

Cost $19.95

Not For Tots: Top 10
Teddy Bear Techniques to
Treat the Blended Family.

In this ebook, you will learn how to manage following the blending together of two families. When all the rules change, and you are now faced with merging two families together, it can be challenging. Roles change. Rules change. Our experience in the family changes. You will learn in this ebook 10 activities that you can apply using a model of Teddy Bears known as The MeBear Family to manage your changing family. Changing families need changing models. A self help tool for children and adults. Does not include teddy bears

Cost $24.95

Cost $19.95

Teen Suicide: The
Preventable Tragedy

Teen suicide is an alarming problem in our society, and yet it is preventable. In this ebook, you will learn some of the attitudes and myths surrounding teen suicide, how to assess and respond to the suicidal teenager. Separate facts from fiction in this ebook about Teen Suicide. When you learn how to respond, you move one step closer to preventing this terrible tragedy. This ebook is designed for anybody that wants to increase their knowlege and skills about preventing teen suicide.

Cost $19.95

Teen Suicide: The
Preventable Tragedy (Online Course)

In this introductory level course we will explore current attitudes and assumptions about suicide. We will review the myths surrounding teen suicide and differentiate them from facts. Participants will be able to recognize specific warning signs and will gain tools that they can implement right away to evaluate suicide risk in teenagers. Participants will learn what to do, and what not to do, to respond. Standard protocol for responding to suicide in schools or agencies will also be explored.

Cost $39.00

Game Board Design Guide

In this ebook you can learn how you can make your own board games. You will learn games to design to get the children to help with chores, games that you can create to teach reading, games you can create to personalize to your own family. You will learn the basics of game board design, and strategies to use to make games fun and entertaining.

Cost $27.00

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